About Us

    TWO&TEE is the brainchild of two very unlikely friends, Tommy and Theresa.

    The idea was seeded three years ago, and was finally brought to life in 2012. TWO&TEE started off as a design project when the two friends were randomly paired up together. The design aesthetic of the TWO&TEE brand is inspired by Asian pop culture and driven by awesome puns.

    TWO&TEE is based out of Vancouver, BC and is a two person operation. Both the TEEs are business students by qualification and (self-taught) designers by nature. Tommy holds a duo concentration BBA (Honors) in Marketing and MIS, while Theresa is working towards her double major in Marketing and Design. Every aspect of the business—including the designing, accounting & finances, website development and day to day activities—are managed by the TWO TEEs.

    Tommy is the mastermind behind the website (& web store), designs, and "shady" stuff. But his main role is to blast the music and sing very loudly as they both work. Theresa creates & designs random characters (like when she doodles in class instead of paying attention), handles vendor & supplier relations, and ensures that both remain sane—well, as sane as Tommy can be (not very). Both share an appreciation for awesome music, getting fat, 2 Broke Girl$, karaoke & ke$hameless (if you don't get that reference then ke$hame on you!) singing, and creative designs.

    In short: We design and create all things awesome.